School Kids Investigating Language in Life and Society (SKILLS) is an academic outreach initiative that introduces high school students in Santa Barbara County to the concepts and methods of linguistics through hands-on investigation of language and culture in their own communities, families, and peer groups. SKILLS brings graduate and undergraduate students in linguistics into local high schools to teach linguistics and help students prepare to do college-level work. For more information about SKILLS, contact skills@ccalc.ucsb.edu.

Talking California

Talking California: Language, Culture, History, Politics is a continuing education and enrichment class for members of the Santa Barbara community, offered annually through UCSB Extension. The course provides an overview of the linguistic richness within our midst by showcasing key issues regarding California’s languages and dialects, especially as they relate to Santa Barbara and the Central Coast. For more information, contact Mary Bucholtz (bucholtz@ccalc.ucsb.edu).